Matt, Dirk and Bram are born rockers. Their music is influenced by classic seventies rock, ‘over the top’ eighties rock and of course the blues. By combining these influences and their personal talents they have created a unique style. The Matt Jacobs Band is a small band that creates a wall of sound and living proof that you don't have to be heavily bearded and drink a bottle of whisky a day to play the rock and blues as it should be played. This power trio is gaining popularity fast and has proven to be one of the best live bands around. Come and check it out! You'll find some fine music videos in our media section. The band can also be booked as an acoustic act! Click here to send us an e-mail!

The new cd will be released on FRIDAY OCTOBER 30! 't Oude Pothuys in Utrecht will be packed on that friday evening. We will start our show around eleven in the evening and you will be able to buy the cd. Check our Facebook page for news and listen to our songs on Spotify! 

The Matt Jacobs Band plays original songs and songs from artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Joe Bonamassa, ZZ Top and Focus. Matt Jacobs Band on Spotify

The Matt Jacobs Band are:
Matt Jacobs on guitar
Bram Jacobs on drums
Dirk Pauwels on bass and vocals


The band has proven to be one of the best live bands around. Come and check it out. We'll be playing near you very soon! Want to book the band? Send an e-mail to info@matt-jacobs.com

  • Matt Jacobs is the guitarist and founder of the band. Beware of the furious guitar solos and powerful riffs produced by the dexterous hands of Matt! Matt uses hand built Ernst Fliek amps and his Piet Visser guitar exclusively. Tone from the lowlands of Holland!

  • Dirk is the lead vocalist and bass player in the band. This guy can do almost everything. He’s not only a great musician, but he can fix and build stuff as well! Dirk never parts with his precision bass; rumour has is that Dirks even sleeps with his precious...

  • Bram plays the drums. You know Animal from the Muppet Show. Animal is a sissy compared to Bram. He shows skill, power and perfect time and takes care of most of the bookings. Some guy, huh? Bram always plays his sparkling white Ludwig set.


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Date: Venue: Location:
05-04-2016Radio Show Bluesworld (21.00)Zwolle
05-03-2016Rockcafe Taste (22.00 uur)Groenlo
06-02-2016Cafe Zwientjebar (21.30)Foxhol
Date: Venue: Location:
06-12-2015Miles (16.00)Amersfoort
29-11-2015Bierbrouwerij Oijen (15.00/acoustic show)Oss
22-11-2015Café De Noot (17.30)Dordrecht
15-11-2015Cultureel Café AmmerstolAmmerstol
07-11-2015Cafe Lokaal (aanvang 21.30 uur)Heemskerk
30-10-2015't Oude Pothuys - CD-PRESENTATIE!!!! (aanvang 23.00)Utrecht
11-10-2015Bluesfestival Cafe Lokaal (14.00)Heemskerk
02-10-2015Eetcafe Miracle (22.00)Coevorden
27-09-2015Bar Cheeese (16.30) Alkmaar Blues Expres FestivalAlkmaar
26-09-2015Verdener Jazz und Blues Tage (20.30 uur)Verden (Deutschland)
20-09-2015Café DenS (18.00 uur)Spijkenisse
12-09-2015Cafe De Beurs (21.30)Oosterhout
10-07-2015Gouda Studio's (aanvang 21.30)Gouda
26-06-2015Recording the new albumBelgium
19-06-2015Café-Restaurant De Sloothaak (22.00 uur)Giethoorn
30-05-2015Cafe Du Commerce (22.00 uur)Terneuzen
03-05-2015Barista Café Njoy (aanvang 15.00 uur)Den Helder
19-04-2015Café-Restaurant De Sloothaak (acoustic-middag)Giethoorn
18-04-2015Cafe Station America America
08-02-2015Café Dens (aanvang 18.00 uur)Spijkenisse
25-01-2015Cafe de Molenaer (aanvang 15.00 uur)Ermelo
10-01-2015Gouda Studio's (aanvang 21.00 uur)Gouda
02-01-2015Stathe (aanvang 22.00 uur)Utrecht
Date: Venue: Location:
28-11-2014Café Jo Gerrishal (aanvang 22.00 uur)Roermond
09-11-2014Bakkerij Fledderus (aanvang 14.00 uur)Hooghalen
25-10-2014Muziekcafe De Lantaern (aanvang 21.00 uur)Zevenaar
10-10-2014Eetcafé Walkabout (22.00 uur)Breda
27-09-2014Alkmaar Blues Express (Café Bruintje, 21.30 uur)Alkmaar
14-06-2014Cafe De Noot (private party)Hoogland
07-06-2014Cafe/discotheek Stoba (aanvang 22.00 uur)Echt
01-06-2014Moellies (aanvang 15.00 uur!)Dronten
30-05-2014Cafe D'n Ingel (aanvang 2100 uur)Thorn
04-05-2014Route 74 (aanvang 21.00 uur en kermis!)Heibloem
11-04-2014April Fools party Arnhem
29-03-2014Cafe De Rooie Reiger (aanvang 21.30 uur)Vianen
01-03-2014Vlaerdingh (aanvang 21.30 uur)Vlaardingen
09-02-2014't Nonnetje (aanvang 16.00 uur)Amersfoort
11-01-2014Cafe Die TweeWervershoof
04-01-2014Eetcafe Spoorzoeker (aanvang 1600 uur)Alkmaar
Date: Venue: Location:
21-12-2013Cafe Lokaal (aanvang 21.30 uur)Heemskerk
30-11-2013Cafe de machinist (aanvang 21.30)Oss
20-10-2013Eetcafe de Kalkwieke (Aanvang 17.00 uur)Dedemsvaart
19-10-2013Full Moon Siepel Blues ('t hof van Dwingeloo - Aanvang 20.45 uur)Dwingeloo
13-10-2013Bakkerij Fledderus (aanvang 14.00)Hooghalen
06-10-2013't Vermaeck (stichting The Blues Connection) Aanvang16.30 uurRijen
27-09-2013Alkmaar Blues Express Festival (2100 uur)Alkmaar
06-09-2013Grand Cafe Staccato (Aanvang 2100 uur)Tegelen
23-06-2013Muziekfestival Cultureel Cafe Ammerstol (aanvang 18.00)Ammerstol
09-06-2013 't Skuthus (aanvang 16.00)Warten
17-05-2013Cafe Lazy Louis (Aanvang 22.00 uur)Amersfoort
06-04-2013Bar Bistro De Berck (aanvang 21.30)Heerhugowaard
16-03-2013MC Gringos (aanvang 20.00 uur, inc. strip act)Medemblik
15-02-2013Cafe Felix II (aanvang 22.00)Hilversum
27-01-2013Cafe Restaurant Zeezicht (aanvang 16.00)Blueskroegentcocht Breda
20-01-2013cafe 1614 (Aanvang 16.30 uur)Monnickendam
12-01-2013Muziekcafe Rinie&Nico (aanvang 21.00)Venlo-Blerick
Date: Venue: Location:
24-11-2012Restaurant de Lemsterbaai (aanvang 21.00)Lemmer
13-10-2012De Slock & De Hollebol (aanvangstijd nog onbekend)De Burg (Texel Blues)
29-09-2012Pico Bar (aanvang 22.00)Rozenburg
01-09-2012Eetcafe de Compagnie (Aanvang 21.00)Hasselt
30-06-2012Bluesnight (Aanvang 15.00 uur)Hellevoetsluis
24-06-2012jazzofzo (Aanvang: 17.00 uur)Purmerend
12-06-2012Kasteel Dussen (aanvang 20.00)Dussen
10-06-2012Gasterij de Posthoorn (aanvang 17:30)Hilvarenbeek
12-05-2012Cafe Lokaal (aanvang 22.00)Heemskerk
11-05-2012Cafe Daantje (aavnvang 22.30)Amersfoort
15-04-2012Het Kantoor van de Buurman (aanvang 17.00)Hoorn
08-04-2012Sunday Blues - Theater Grand Cafe Tilliander (aanvang 13:30)Oisterwijk
06-04-2012dB's Studio - 22.00 Live cd opameUtrecht
10-03-2012Cafe de Gouden Leeuw (aanvang 21.00)Nispen Blues
04-02-2012De Kleine Oma, Cafe Zaal Thekes (besloten feest, aanvang 22.00)Herpen
28-01-2012Dorpshuis Nooitgedacht (aanvang 22.00)Tripscompagnie
27-01-2012Cafe de groote griet (Aanvang 22.00 uur)Groningen
Date: Venue: Location:
22-12-2011cafe 't Nonnetje (aanvang 22.00)Amersfoort
26-11-2011Koetshuis (Aanvang 21.30 uur)Reek
19-11-2011Cafe Mustang Sally (aanvang 22.00)Sittard
23-10-2011Cafe 't Hoekske (aanvang 17:00)Zaltbommel
14-10-2011Hotel Restaurant Grand Cafe Stravinsky (aanvang 21.30)Bluesfestival Hengelo
30-09-2011072 Alkmaar (aanvang 21:00 uur)Alkmaar
24-09-2011Cafe 't Raedthuys (aanvang 18.00)Bussum
04-09-2011Lakei (aanvang 16.00)Helmond
28-08-2011Lambertushof (aanvang 13.30)Helmond
28-08-2011Cafe `t Kaatje (aanvang 19.00)Oss
15-05-2011Waerdse Tempel (aanvang 16.00)Heerhugowaard
15-04-2011Boerderij (aanvang 21.00)Beekbergen
02-04-2011Cafe Lokaal (aanvang 22.00)Heemskerk
27-02-2011De Midget (aanvang 16.30)Schellinkhout
26-02-2011Cafe De pintelier (aanvang 21.30)Bluestour Groningen
22-01-2011Cafe Lokaal (aanvang 22.00)Heemskerk
Date: Venue: Location:
11-12-2010Grand Cafe Buffels (aanvang 22.00)'s-Gravendeel
16-10-2010Cafe Lokaal (aanvang 22.00)Heemskerk
10-09-2010Studio de Veste (aanvang 22.00)Leiden
03-09-2010Airborne Music Night (aanvang 23.00)Concertzaal Oosterbeek
28-08-2010Sparkling Grand Cafe (aanvang 22.00)Hilversum
15-08-2010Waerdse Tempel (aanvang 16.30)Heerhugowaard
05-08-2010Cafe de Cactus (aanvang 22:30)Hengelo
21-05-2010Cafe De Kroeg (aanvang 22:00)Terneuzen
30-04-2010Cafe Brinkzicht (aanvang 22.00)Diever
27-02-2010Cafe Spoorzoeker (aanvang 16.00)Alkmaar
06-02-2010De Koninck Bluesfestival - Cafe De engel (aanvang 22.00)Delft
24-01-2010Cafe 1614 (aanvang 16.00)Monnickendam
15-01-2010Studio de Veste (aanvang 22.00)Leiden
03-01-2010De Rode Pimpernel (Aanvang 15.30)Den Bosch
Date: Venue: Location:
19-12-2009Muziekcafe Helmond (aanvang 22.30)Helmond
22-11-2009Projekt 71 (aanvang 16.00)Alkmaar
25-10-2009Cafe Lokaal (aanvang 20.00)Heemskerk
18-10-2009themamiddag (waan)zin! Het Nationale Toneel Gebouw (aanvang 14.30)Den Haag
12-09-2009Cafe Felix II (aanvang 21.00)Hilversum
12-07-2009Park Podium Boom en Bosch (aanvang 15:00)Breukelen
20-06-2009Eastside BluesfestivalNijmegen
11-04-2009RAZZOO Music, Food & Drinks (aanvang 22.00)Uden
05-04-2009Cafe Het Wapen van Hilversum (aanvang 18.00)Hilversum
27-03-2009Café Old-Dutch (aanvang 21:30)Gorinchem
15-02-2009cafe 1614 (aanvang 16:00)Monnickendam
07-02-2009Cafe Lokaal (aanvang 22.00)Heemskerk
21-01-2009Cafe De Oude Marepoort (aanvang 22:00)Leidse Blues en Jazzweek
11-01-2009Band Promotie, Cafe-feestzaal Apollo (aanvang: 20.00)Venlo-Blerick
Date: Venue: Location:
31-10-2008Besloten feestBesloten feest
25-10-2008Dorpshuis (aanvang 22.00)Everdingen
04-10-2008Kaffee LambiekTilburg
06-08-2008Elburger dagen (aanvang: 20:00)Elburg
02-08-2008Studio De Veste (aanvang: 22.00)Leiden
29-06-2008Cafe Cambrinus (aanvang 16.00)Horst
07-06-2008Zanfoort aan de Eem (aanvang 15.30)Amersfoort
01-06-2008De Sterke Duvel (aanvang:17:30)Nieuw-Vossemeer
21-05-2008Radio 5, Desmet Live (van 18.00-20.00)omroep LLiNK
17-05-2008Cafe Paard van Troje (aanvang 21.00)Den Haag
11-05-2008Cafe 1614Monnickendam
30-04-2008OKE popHouten
12-04-2008Studio De Veste (aanvang 22:00)Leiden
09-03-2008Cafe ''t Voor (aanvang 16.00)Belgie (Antwerpen)
08-03-2008KB 2 Sprong Sliedrecht
02-03-2008Cafe Cox (aanvang 19:00)Amsterdam


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the band or booking the band. Don't hesitate and do not worry. We're actually quite friendly.

Download our biography (Dutch) Click here for our stage plan. Click here, here and here for press pictures. Contact us at:
The Jacobs Brothers
T: (+31)6 413 673 42 (Bram)
T: (+31)6 413 952 76 (Matt)